Crying Eyes

I see my life flash before my eyes as a I cry I pray to God to help me relieve my sin when I cry all I see is my life flash before my eyes I drive down the road and get in a car accident and before I died I cried and wished my life didn’t flash before my eyes that I didn’t make this stupid mistake and hope I’m missed and I live forever in people’s hearts and hope my soul rises up to Heaven where I don’t have to cry or see my life flash before my eyes.


Death is depressing, especially when it’s in your family because death takes away people you love when you dont want them to go but nobody is ever ready for someone to die because we are selfish when it comes to that matter because we want them to live forever, we cry the tears when they’re gone and hope that someday we will be able to see them again but then come back to reality and remember that death is final once they’re gone they’re never coming back and all we have of them is the cherished memories they have left and all their keepsakes.


They come in different shapes or sizes, different shades of color; it’s animals they are fun loving, well at least some are but as long as you let them be, because even the most dangerous animal could be the biggest teddy bear, animals are like humans; they have a race, too, of their own and they also have their own categorizes, some are can be trained as you like but the ones that are wild just have to be wild, well I wish I could say more but there’s no more to say.  I hope you like this it’s about animals, and that’s all I have to say.


My fun is limited, my work is extended, I know the expression “work pays off in the long run” but I just want to be able to have fun.  Why is my fun so limited? Because not having fun is not fun, you got to have fun and take breaks some time because even the hardest workers deserve to have fun once in awhile; you shouldn’t go years without having fun because then you lose the feeling of having fun because even working too much is like a disease; you get sick then you get better and then weeks later you catch what you got rid of week ago.


The way I view life is like a thunder storm, you don’t know when it will rain or when it will stop raining. I see life as a puzzle; everybody has a small piece to provide in life.

You may say having no life is just sitting in your house all day everyday, well having no life would mean you aren’t alive because even sitting on your couch is having a life because you’re living.

We live our life hour by hour, minute by minute, so what you have, make the best of it because it takes only a split second to having a life to having no life and having a life is better than having no life at all.

You say you got a life plan but your plan for life is not the life plan that is the plan, God’s life plan is the plan that makes your life what it is, He decides what happens hour by hour, minute by minute.